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Mercedes Benz Vietnam (MBV)

MBV produces and sells passenger cars, minibuses, city buses, tourist buses, trucks.

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Why Mercedes Benz Vietnam (MBV)?

130 years. Since its establishment, the three-pointed star has become a symbol of success for high achievers throughout the world.

For 21 years now in Vietnam, Mercedes-Benz has continuously occupied a market share of above 50% in the luxury segment. It has fulfilled the car dreams of more than 25,000 customers and become a major part of Vietnam’s auto-DNA. The company offers the widest and youngest variants in the Vietnam’s luxury segment at its 11-outlets network.

In 2015, Mercedes-Benz Vietnam achieved the most successful year ever since its establishment in 1995 with 3.600 cars sold breaking the all-time record of the premium auto market. With a growth of 50%, Vietnam is one of 3 fastest growing markets of Mercedes-Benz in Asia. 

2016, known as the “Year of SUV” of MBV, is marked with the launch of the full SUV line-up from GLA to GLS. Especially, the GLC became the best-selling premium model in Vietnam after being launched in April 2016.

Mercedes-Benz Vietnam has been ranked at the 15th out of 100 places in “Vietnam Best Place to Work” by Alphabe HR community network and Nielsen market researching company in 2 consecutive years. 

We are one motivated and team oriented workforce. We want to improve continuously our skill, sense of professionalism and exceed our customers’ expectations and satisfaction.

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