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Mercedes-Benz Vietnam (MBV)

We will build the world’s most desirable luxury cars


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Why Mercedes-Benz Vietnam (MBV)?

Mercedes-Benz Vietnam was founded in 1995 as a joint venture between DAG (70%) and Saigon Transportation Mechanical Corporation (SAMCO) (30%).

For 25 years now in Vietnam, Mercedes-Benz has continuously occupied a market share of above 50% in the luxury segment and fulfilled the car dreams of more than 25,000 customers and become a major part of Vietnam’s auto-DNA.

The company offers the widest and youngest variants in the Vietnam’s luxury segment at its 16 authorized dealers.

  • Official Name: Mercedes-Benz Vietnam Limited
  • Incorporation: 14th April 1995
  • No. of employees: 735    

The Future is being built by us: Humans
Every single employee counts and is the key to our success!

Therefore we attract, develop an retain employees that are:

  • highly engaged, committed and motivated &
  • do have Passion, Respect, Integrity and Discipline &
  • an excellent qualification and the willingness for lifelong learning,
  • are innovative, creative, can solve problems &
  • have a high level of courage for change!   

Life at Mercedes-Benz Vietnam (MBV)

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